Civil Contribution Concepts is a primary Co-operative that was found by a group of inspired and dynamic youth from the oldest township in Soweto known as Meadowlands. We have come together, driven by a common vision to change our socio-economic status as an entity and that of our communities at large.

We plan to achieve our objectives through sound venture creation in the green economy sector and through community development initiatives.


Civil Contribution Concepts Co-operative limited was registered on 08/01/2008 under section 7 of the Co-Operative Act, 2005 (Act 14 of 2005), with registration number 2013/000242/24 as a Primary Co-Operative with limited liability.

The organisation was inspired into formation by the needs and challenges faced by our community. Previously disadvantaged areas like our community in Meadowlands are vulnerable to some of the issues facing the world today. Poverty is a result that stems from the lack of employment opportunities, lack of quality education and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and helplessness.We seek to help alleviate and ultimately resolve a spectrum of issues facing our communities through the establishment of a waste management venture, which will have direct benefits to the community as demonstrated by our projects and initiatives.


To be a successful green economy sector enterprise with the biggest positive social impact in the community we serve.


To be a business that is a force for good, promote development and protect our environment.

  • To make a profit through sound business practice
  • To utilize waste as a resource.
  • To provide free academic support and mentoring to poor youth.
  • To alleviate the effects of poor environmental awareness in our sphere of operation.
  • To create jobs through venture creation


We have witnessed the need to in still good environmental practices in our communities. We are faced with problems of illegal dumping and yard waste hoarding. Many of the open spaces in the community that seem abandoned are targeted for dumping waste illegally. The effects of the lack of environmental awareness and practices could no longer be ignored.

In 2009 when we were students, our organisation embarked on a pilot project to see if we could convince households to separate their waste for recycling. The initiation of the house hold model became a success and gave birth to our recycling venture.